Two of the more baffling China op-eds were published in the same week as the GOP field (minus Jon Huntsman, of course) demonstrated that they have limited knowledge of China. Stan Abrams, lawyer and China Hearsay Blogger, joins China Policy Pod for a delightfully snarky podcast. You can read China Hearsay and follow Stan on Twitter.

Also, a big thank you to Patrick Boehler, a journalism student in HK who generously offered to edit the podcast while the regular editor is on maternity leave. You can follow him on Twitter @MrBaoPanrui

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Former Microsoft COO Bob Herbold, joins China Policy Pod by phone to discuss his recent Wall Street Journal op-ed “America Vs. China: Who is the Developing Country?”

Please note that their were technical issues on the phone and the sound quality is sub-par, but I think the conversation is pretty interesting.

Bob Herbold is the author of the book, What’s Holding You Back? In addition, I encourage you to read his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, which we discuss in the podcast:


During the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, China was crippled by a trust in false data coming from the provinces. Today much has changed in China, yet the even the top ranks of the Chinese leadership remain skeptical of some of the economic indicators being reported from the sub-central level.

In Understanding China’s Economic Indicators, Wall Street Journal Heard on the Street journalist Tom Orlik looks at how to make sense of China’s numbers. Tom stopped by China Policy Pod to discuss the topic.

You can buy his book here, and Tom also has written a number of articles on the topic: