The Flying Tigers have received extensive media attention over the years, but the American presence in China during WWII extended far beyond the few famed pilots. Thousands of American troops worked to supply the Chinese Guomindong allies using a road that stretched from India through Burma. That land route ended in Kunming, China.

Joshua Taylor, my next door neighbor growing up, served in the United States army during WWII, running supplies through Southeast Asia to Southwest China. He sat down in his Brooklyn home with China Policy Pod to tell his story.

A special thanks to Patrick Boehler, a journalist based in Hong Kong, who edited this podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @MrBaoPanrui

Japan’s recent horrific earthquake, tsunami and ongoing nuclear crisis once again has China debating its feelings about its island neighbor to the east. Zhang Yajun, a Beijing-based journalist and frequent guest contributor to the excellent blog Granite Studio, comes on China Policy Pod to discuss China’s complicated relationship with Japan and the reaction in China to Japan’s earthquake.

Yajun recently wrote an excellent post entitled “The Sino-Japanese Relationship: (apologies to Facebook) It’s Complicated.”

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